Initial and Final Cleaning: Deprisa Cleaning Services (D.C.S.) are specialists in

Initial and final Construction Cleaning and bring you more than 15 years of


We have cleaned many projects, including residential and brand new, commercial retail

shops, industrial and can share more examples if required.

Initial and final cleaning is not a job for novices. It requires understanding of how

thoroughly detail matters, across all of the materials and surfaces.

D.C.S. understands the importance of handing over a newly constructed building in

excellent condition; this is why our cleaning solutions cover all surfaces. Cleaning needs

to include initial window cleaning, glass, floors, walls, etc.

Over years as initial and final cleaning services has developed, the use of cleaning

products has changed and our staff have been kept up to date of these building


D.C.S. has a strong knowledge of building codes and government legislative

requirements in the industry.


Initial Window Cleaning: Our experience over 15 years will make sure your glazing gets

properly cleaned, with cement, silicone and paint being removed without damaging or

scratching the glass or frames.

Protect your investment by calling a Professional Cleaning Company that will exceed

your expectations.


Stone Sealing and Polishing: D.C.S. offers sealing of all natural stones, terracotta and

ceramic tiles, concrete and terrazzo floors, benchtops, vanities, tables and stair-cases.

D.C.S. uses a high quality premium penetrating sealer, natural appearance, wet look and


Staff Relief: D.C.S. has a number of fully trained staff willing to undertake any work or

project at competitive rates.

Please contact us to discuss any more details of the services as well as the current

hourly rate. We are an insured company and are willing to travel.

Initial and Final Cleaning in Sydney NSW, Contact Us Today.