Deprisa Initial and Final Cleaning Services (D.C.S.) is committed to providing a high
quality service.

We offer Initial and Final Cleaning to new or refurbished buildings. We work to
the satisfaction of architects and most importantly their clients.

With over 15 years of experience in this field and have completed many successful
projects, we can assure you that your property will look the very best once our work has
been finalized.

To achieve this objective, D.C.S. provides fully trained staff in all aspects of cleaning and
site safety and supervisors, as well as management, will liaise with builders, site
managers, owners and all personnel involved in the cleaning process for the best
possible outcome.

D.C.S. takes pride in the high quality equipment, chemicals and products that we use
and supply in order to carry out the best possible work, and our equipment is fully
checked and tagged.

Method Safety Statement is also available.
All employees have valid white and green cards and are constantly taking refreshing
WH&S courses.

Any enquiries in relation to the above or information on our services and associated
prices will be answered with pleasure.