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Deprisa Cleaning Services is a Fast, Reliable, and Professional Company managed by professional and experienced hospitality management professionals, specialized in Initial and Final Cleaning in Sydney NSW.

Our company specializes in providing professional Construction, Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services across Australia to meet the customer requirements. From the glass surfaces, to the general Initial Window Cleaning of Commercial and Industrial facilities, Our Experienced and professional staff and supervision for the projects will assure the customer a 100 % work satisfaction.



Initial and Final Cleaning: Deprisa Cleaning Services (D.C.S.) are specialists in Initial and Final Construction Cleaning Services and brings to you more that 15 years of experience and we have cleaned many projects, including residential brand new projects, commercial retail shops, and industrial projects, etc.

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We employ trained, reliable, experienced and professional crew.
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We use state-of-the-art and latest Initial and Final Cleaning equipment in the industry.
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We apply the most effective and efficient cleaning methods.
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We have a professional supervision and management team

Specialists in Initial, Final & Window Cleaning